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  • Rider Training

  • With a 10 year experienced, licenced motorcycle instructor
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Sydney Northern Beaches

Rider Training

With a 10 year experienced, licenced motorcycle instructor More on Rider Training

Motorcycle Transport

Pick up and deliver your bike on the northern beaches More on Motorcycle Transport

Custom Sol Invictus Mercury

Sean's Scrambler More on Custom Builds and Other News
Motorcycle Rider Training - Cone Weave

OZ Motorcycle Rider Training

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Our Latest Cafe Racer Builds

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Minx 250 V-Twin

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OZ Motorcycle Transport

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NSW RMS Pre-Learner Course and Pre-Provisional Course

To obtain your NSW Motorcycle Learner Licence you must first attend and pass a Motorcycle Pre-Learner Course. Riders must hold their Learner Licence for a minimum 3 months (no longer than 12 months) before attending a pre-provisional course for a licence upgrade. The cost of the pre-learner course is $96.

To Upgrade from a Learner Licence to a Provisional Licence you must successfully complete a Pre-provisional Course and also pass the MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test) which is carried out at the end of the course.

Pre-Learner and Pre-Provisional Motorcycle Licence courses are only conducted by authorised centres located throughout Sydney and other major centres in NSW. OZ Rider Training does not conduct NSW RMS Pre-Learner or Pre-Provisional courses. Our courses are designed to backup the RMS courses with quality instruction reflecting the NSW Licencing curriculum.

Click here for information on how to book a NSW Motorcycle Licence Course

Curious or Nervous about getting your licence ?

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What People Are Saying

Best money you'll spend

Midlife crisis completed by buying a Harley, but knew I needed some guidance before venturing out on the roads.
I was told to contact Terry, and I'm very pleased I did as I feel far more relaxed on my bike.
Clear, precise, patient and clearly very experienced.
Can't recommend his services enough to anyone, irrespective of how well you think you can ride a bike, a couple of hours with Terry is absolutely worth it.
I'll be back for more training!

Stephen Hosking on Mar 31, 2021


Terry is patient and has a very calming manor, which helped me a lot. His demonstrations and instructions were clear and helpful. I can’t recommend him enough. I left the lesson feeling so much more confident.

Leanne Dec 14 2020


I haven’t been on a motorcycle in years. I booked a two hour lesson with Terry as a refresher.
Terry tailored my lesson around my experience and reminded me of all the little things that you forget from not riding regularly.
By the end of the two hours I was back riding with full confidence. Re-energised with the love of riding.
Cannot recommend Terry enough, top bloke.

Tom Jul 26 2020


After not having a great experience when first attempting the pre-learner course, I decided to get my confidence up with a session with Terry before making a second attempt.
He was absolutely amazing! With very limited riding experience I was very nervous, but Terry was calm, helped me through everything at a pace that suited me, and by the end of the session I had lost most of my nerves and instead had a big smile on my face!
Terry obviously has a lot of knowledge, patience and understanding of how to teach to the level of the student without complicating things. I will definitely be booking more sessions with Terry before the pre-provisional training and test.

Alice Sept 7 2020


Can’t recommend Terry’s lessons highly enough. He tailored the lesson to my circumstances and experience, taking things slowly enough to allow plenty of practice and confidence building, plus provided lots of little tips and feedback that I’d never have picked up on myself.

Joe May 30 2020

P's Preparation.

Terry (Pike) is a very patient and professional instructor. He explained and demonstrated the correct procedures and methods for tackling each test segment. For the training I used his 125CC manual bike at no extra charge! Knowing what to expect in the actual MOST test and being prepared has boosted my abilities and confidence to sit for my Ps. I would highly recommend OZ Motorcycle Rider Training. Great value for your money!

John Comino on Google My Business


I have had my 'L's for just over a month and had a 2 hour private training with Terry. He watched me ride and instead of overwhelming me with everything I was doing wrong, he just focused on my 3 biggest flaws. He made sure I understood how to address them. At the end of the session we went through everything again and he gave me some very concrete things to practice.
I have been practicing a lot and am excited to find out whether Terry sees improvement.
Thank you, Terry

Brian Hitchcock Jul 2 2020

Terry is a fantastic teacher.
He addressed all the little bad habits I had that were causing me problems in a cool and relaxed no pressure environment. I learned more from Terry in 2 hours than I did a month of riding alone. Thanks Terry !!!!

Matt Wong

I worked with Terry for nearly 5 years, he's a great instructor and a really nice bloke.

Tim Alston (Senior Riding Instructor HART)