What to expect from your NSW Motorcycle Pre-Learner Course

The NSW Motorcycle Pre-Learner course is conducted over 2 half days with a maximum of 5 students per course. Cost is $98.

Day 1 is learning to ride and Day 2 is Roadcraft (how to ride in traffic). 

Riders must attend and complete both days successfully to be issued with a Certificate of Competence (COC). The COC is then submitted to Service NSW at the time of attending the Rider Knowledge Test.

Students can choose to learn on either a manual motorcycle or an automatic (scooter). If a scooter is chosen then the student is restricted to riding a scooter for the period of their Learner Licence and Provisional licence.

The riding in the course is carried out on a secure area a little like a car park. Students follow each other in the same direction all of which is fully explained and controlled by the instructor. The bikes, helmets and gloves are all supplied by the course provider. You must come to the course clothed so that there is no bare skin. Hot days, come in a lightweight long sleeved shirt and jeans. Boots are best but runners and ankle covering socks will do.

The Pre-Learner Course is designed for students that have never been on a motorcycle before. So if you are nervous, don't be ! Your instructor is there to help students of all levels of experience.

Day 1 (3.5 hours) has quite a bit of theory but this is mostly done sitting on the bike, learning how the switches and controls work and the method of moving off and stopping. By the end of day 1 the vast majority of students and happily riding around changing between 1st and second gear on the manual bikes. (No gear change required on the scooters)

In some circumstances students are unable to achieve the required outcome by the end of Day 1. The course has provision for these students by offering up to 3 FREE remedial lessons, 1 on 1 with an instructor, to help them to achieve the required standard. The student is then returned to a Day 2 course at a suitable time. Times for the remedial lessons are negotiated with the course provider. 

Day 2 (3.5hours) is mostly riding and practicing the elements of roadcraft that are presented thoughout the session.These include:

  • Slow Riding and Observation
  • Slowing for corners
  • Slowing and Changing down gears (Manual Bikes)
  • Corner Path
  • Crash Avoidance Space (3 second gap)
  • Braking to a stop (including selecting 1st gear)
  • Braking to a point (getting to know the brakes)
  • Setting up brakes and Buffering from hazards
  • and finally an assessment in the Simulated Road Ride.

After successfully completing the course and the Rider Knowledge Test your licence will be issued to you and it is time to go buy your first bike (click here to find out more about how to choose your first bike) and go riding.

Don't forget that the learning does not stop here. 

A great way to make sure that you are fully up to speed with all that you have learned, or if you are still feeling a bit nervous being on your own, our 10 year experienced Instructor Terry will come to you to help you get started. Private lessons start at $125 per hour.

Click here to find out more about OZ Rider Training Private Lessons