Sean’s Custom Sol Invictus Mercury Scrambler

Sean had purchased a brand new Sol Invictus Mercury but wanted something a little different to normal. The Matt black was all good for the colour but there were some styling changes needed to get that scrambler look that he had his heart set on.

After looking over some pictures we decided on the parts that were needed and set aside a day to get it all done. Mostly it was unbolt, remove and replace but there was some cutting required with the exhaust and wheels needed to be removed and new tyres fitted.

Parts list for the job

  • Flat black Seat (from Classic Mercury)
  • Off road bars
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Headlight with mesh grille
  • Emgo short reverse cone muffler
  • Exhaust wrap
  • Shinko E805 130/80-17 Front and Rear

Remove the exhaust, cut off the old muffler and fit the new. Wet and apply the black exhaust wrap. Re-fit to the bike. All pretty much to plan.

Remove mirrors and bar ends, throttle and front brake, clutch and switches from the flat bars. Unbolt, remove bars and replace with the new dirt bike bars. Then refit all that was removed as well as the new bar end mirrors.

One little hitch here, because the new bars are a little higher, the cables have to also reach further. This almost became another parts purchase for longer clutch and throttle cables. But we found that with a minor re-route of the original cables we ere able to achieve the required change.

Off with the headlight and back on with the new. All of 10 minutes for this part. 

Rear seat is just 2 bolts to remove, but you need to be careful as the rear indicators are held on by the same bolts. Its very fiddly and you need to get them back on on the same order. Good idea to take a photo first so you can see which way is correct.

Last the tyres, off come the wheels. Being tube type there is no need for an airtight seal so tyre irons can be used with a bit of cajoling and muscle. Back on to the bike remembering to get that back wheel straight and the correct tension on the chain.

In all, about 4 hours work and look at the result !