Matt's Minx "Mod" Cafe Racer

Tezza's son Matt decided a few months back that he would like to try his hand and a custom mod for himself. 

Matt wanted to maintain the Minx "Virago" style but give it a somewhat more contemporary twist. 

After a bit of discussion about what was needed to keep it road legal and the practicalities of still being comfortable and rideable, he got to work with some sketches and searching the web for the types of parts that would fit the bill.

We had an old Minx sitting in the back of the garage gathering dust so he got it uncovered and got to work.

First stripping it back. Side covers, rear guard, seat, headlight and tank all came off. Some to be replaced with new parts, some to be repainted and refitted others into the parts bin to be used on another bike some time in the future.

Tank and front guard were to be painted matt black. It only took 3 days ! Stripping back the old paint, a bit of filler, a coat of primer and on goes the new colour.

New seat ? It was never just going to fit so it was off to workshop to design and weld a new seat frame. Matt decided that for convenience and to achieve the look that he wanted, the mounts for the tail light, indicators and number plate would be integrated into the seat frame. Cut - weld - try - adjust and eventually it fits real nice. Actually not too much back and forth before it was right.

Once all of the electricals were in place it was mounted on the bike. Newly pained tank and front guard fitted as well.

But the exhaust. That shiny chrome just doesn't fit the brief. Off it comes.

Sanded back to get below the chrome and then a few coats of matt black VHT Flameproof ceramic high heat exhaust paint. It take a while to dry and it must be treated with high heat from the exhaust to cure so back it goes on the the bike.

On the Minx (Virago) the second pipe from the rear of the engine is ornamental so it was not going to get any heat. So it went into the oven on 250F for half an hour. Treatment done !

Still..... it just doesn't quite give that grunty look that Matt was looking for. Nothing that a roll of black exhaust wrap can't fix. A little bit more effort required and that looks more like it.

No side covers as yet. Matt is thinking a mesh would look good. But that needs to wait for another day. We need to take the bike for a ride to fully cure the exhaust paint.

A quick trip up Barrenjoey Rd to Palm Beach for a bacon and egg roll and hot coffee.